Console.log: Your First React App (Part 2)

Welcome back to your first React app!
In part 1, we set up our dev environment. In part 2, we’re going to take apart the sample application and start building our to-do app.


Part 1: May 4th
Step 1: Set up your development environment
Step 2: Run create-react-app
Part 2: May 11th
Step 3: Let’s build the home for our to-do app
Step 4: Let’s build a re-usable component
Part 3: May 18th
Step 5: Is it responsive???
Part 4: May 25th
Step 6: Is it accessible???
Part 5 June 1st
Step 7: Pretty, please
Part 6 June 8th
Step 8: Deploy
Step 9: Reflection

Here’s a recap to get back to where we were:

cd ~/Desktop/todo-project 

Use this terminal command to return to the folder of your todo-app. You can also navigate with your Mac Finder to where you saved your React app.

You can use ls to see what files are in your folder.
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 6.24.53 PM

yarn start 

Now we have the sample React app up and running again 🙂

In order to make things happen you’re going to need an IDE, or Integrated Development Environment. It’s a text editor for code.

I use Visual Studio Code for school and work. And it’s free to use.