Welcome to the Experience

Hello Reader,

My name is Melisa Im. I am 19 as of this moment, maybe 20 by Korean standards, but just 19 by American or Argentinean standards that I follow. I am a student at UC Berkeley, but also of life and experience. I am thankful for all the amazing things that have occurred in my life and also of the misfortunes. Every single event has led me to now. My life is trivial, it is common, it is too fast at times, and at times too slow. I am sharing me. Not just what I do, who I know, where I’m going, where I’ve been but also who I perceive myself to be, whether it’s someone great, or someone…not so great. I aim to be as honest to the web as I am to my peers at school, at work, on the street, or at the store.

This blog will entail my days, my experiences, the extent to which I strive to be “Immensely Alive.” That’s an anagram of my name by the way.

When I notice a character flaw I will blog about it. When I discover fun activities, deals, ways to interact with people, ways to cope in college, ways to feed myself on a budget, ways to actually keep a budget, car maintenance, fitness, focus, motivation, the wonders of Berkeley, etc. Then I shall blog. I want this to be a real blog. Not the measly attempts I’ve made in the past where I forget blogs exist and then feel ashamed I have a blog with 2 posts after months! I will blog about my experiences as they occur, but also attempt to share my past in order to provide a frame of reference to why I see things as I do, why I act the way I do and why I try to change for the better.

Quick Facts:
1) I am a member of The Crew at the Berkeley Melt.
2) I want to be an entrepreneur. I know, my career goal is to be innovative yet I am running out of time before my first venture is as impressive to the media due to my age. My golden years! 12-23 yrs old maybe.
3) I am a Spanish speaker because I was born in Argentina.
4) I attend UC Berkeley and have decided (quite recently, actually) to major in Political Economy.
5) I practice radical honesty.
6) I used to not know how to keep secrets, recently I realized I was keeping one, but since it is not my secret I will continue to guard it.
7) This blog is called The Melisa Experience because I was told at work to go give “the Melisa experience” to the customers. I aim to make people I meet smile and happy. So if I can bring a little light to a corner of the internet then I will have shared with you “the Melisa Experience.” That is why I need to continually be aware of who I am, who I am becoming, and what adjustments I need to make to turn out (not just okay) but amazing as a human being.


Hi! This is me after applying a charcoal face mask.

PS: You’ll notice VERY soon that I like making lists.

What do you think?

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