No More Apologies

Sometimes I feel like saying
“I’m sorry but I’m _________”
Not pretty
Not smart enough
Not skinny
But I am owed an apology
For the subjective slaps to my self-esteem
For the urge to apologize
To a potential mate
‘neath whose gaze I might disintegrate
Who has already put me in a labeled crate
Yes: dateable. No: fuckable.
So now I cringe under every eye
I silence completely lest I apologize.

-Melisa Im

[Image: “52/365” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to anna gutermuth]

As I fell asleep I questioned something that I had a habit of doing. I apologized to strangers or friends or lovers for aspects of myself that I could not change (or I could, to a very small degree). It’s incredibly infuriating to see yourself do something dumb and then see yourself do something dumb. These shouldn’t be “I’m sorry” or apologies these should be “I don’t give a shit about what you think, but this is who I am.”  Cheers, to self-empowerment through the written word.


      1. Melisa

        Yes! I would recommend this poem if you enjoyed “No More Apologies” it has a similar theme:

        This poem: “Girl, Always Be Amazing, Always Be You” is about the fear of shining brightly for fear of being treated differently and being uncomfortable. But in the end, the message is to be the best version of yourself and stride forward without worrying about how the world will react.

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