Girl, Always Be Amazing, Always Be You

Don’t ever fear the grandeur lurking under your skin
Don’t ever let bitterness taint you just let the sweetness win.
What could you possibly fear from pesky swatted flies,
Is it worth it being just okay, does it fill or satisfy?
You were born to be glorious, to shine above all else,
So rip away the darkness and shun all the suspense.
Don’t fear different treatment or different sets of eyes
Go, please, be the banquet, not just a bowl of rice!
Don’t fear being treasured, don’t think it’s not for you,
Darling, to be honest, it is so long overdue.
So don’t fear being pretty or sexy or absolutely tantalizing
Be amazed you were each single thing without ever realizing!
So let your ankles show and let your clothes hang tight,
Because your beauty must be free, not something that you fight.
And don’t do it for another, do it, sweetheart, just for you
Because being who you’re meant to be
Is the greatest thing you do.

Melisa Im

[Image: “Ojo” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Agustín Ruiz]


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