Half-Assed Lovers NOT ALLOWED

There’s no time for half-assed loving
Half asked questions, unintentions
Barely mentioned, undiscovered
Frightened covers, never sobers,
False start overs, stand-in lovers
Shadows waiting, indicating
Soulmate’s late in, temp just settling,
Suffocating, squeeze a date in,
Fits a rating, simply cave-in.
No may be, no signs only I see,
It’s you, not me, involuntarily
Live intentionally, choose me
Or not me, but choose.
Lose. Confuse. Refuse. Defuse.
Half-assed lovers uninvited,
Fool confided, false indicted.
Now it’s done. No more brushes
Silly fancies, red cheeked glances
No advances, no retreat
Nothing conquered, no defeat.
Just the right amount of beats.
I have seen the Trojan Horse
And if a war is waged once more
I’ll say very, very loud

– Melisa Im

Half-Assed Lovers NOT ALLOWED was inspired by a trend. A trend of silly fancies backed by little to no real facts. It is important to face the world with truths and my truth is that I blind myself to circumstance. It’s about time that I be a little bit more discerning. Less afraid of nothing and more despising of what falls beneath the threshold of my happiness. It’s okay to be alone, there is a universe in all of us.

What do you think?

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