What Should You Do?: Handicap Parking

I enjoy watching the show “What Would You Do?” with John Quinones (Free to watch online @ http://www.hulu.com/what-would-you-do). The premise of this show is to challenge everyday folk to step up and do the right thing. Although the best way to phrase something is “What Would You Do?” the real question is “What Should You Do?” How can we act if we do not know the right course of action?

Today I saw a young man on campus. Rather quickly I noticed a few things. You could say I was being judgmental. I noticed that he appeared, as some would say, “douche-y.” Some dark shades, a spanking new car, loud music blaring, driving amidst a sea of students walking by the Campanile, wearing a sideways hat, and a tank top. On hindsight it was wrong of me to look at the whole package and think, “wow what a douche-y looking person!” In actuality, perhaps he not only looks like one, but is one.

Right there. In front of me. He parked in a handicapped spot. He walked out of the car just fine and ambled up the steps to the clock tower. I stood there for a second completely flabbergasted.

Here’s the thing. Parking in Berkeley is a NIGHTMARE. I got several parking tickets in this city, 2 on the same day, by the same patrolling person. I get it. Not many spots around. But I have never and will NEVER park in a handicapped person spot. That’s wrong and unnecessary. If you can walk, you can park further away and walk your ass to where you want to go, instead of taking the spots of people who need them!

So here’s the question that I need the answer to. What Should You Do?
-Should you ask the person to leave?
-Should you call traffic/campus authorities?
-Should you get a rowdy crowd together to point out the error of his ways? (jk :p)

I’m asking because I did nothing. In an episode of WWYD some people would confront the driver because a handicapped person needed the spot or because they knew someone who was handicapped. But what do you do in the middle of a college campus where, to be frank, not many students drive let alone those who are handicapped.

Next time, after giving it some thought, I think I will share some words with that person or any person. Let them know that it’s not right and that they would understand if they could just imagine being handicapped.

I’ve always had trouble finding parking on or off campus. So just park somewhere and walk.
I would like to know what you would do, but more importantly what should you or anyone do in such a situation.

I am getting used to signing my posts with pictures, so here’s this one!

Stretchy cheeks



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