Creating a Website from a WordPress Blog

Most of my friends have heard that I am starting a social venture. A huge part of that is having a professional and constant online presence: a website, twitter, facebook, and possibly yougen (when it is released later this year). I have been blogging for a while and would love to continue to do so, but my venture needs a website and fortunately my blog expresses a lot of my personal values. People who desire to convert a blog into a business or personal website need to either: 1) learn how to code or 2) learn how to format.

1) HTML & CSS does the trick, I believe. I don’t know enough to make my blog –> website conversion pretty so I’m opting for option #2… for now!

2) Format, format, format
I spent a long time looking for a theme that looked like a website. What that meant for me was a large image header and tabs placed in a convenient location. I have a long way to go in adding all the necessary details, but what helped a lot was sketching what tabs I wanted, their order, and the appearance of the “Welcome” page. There’s a lot of missing content right now, but that will only prompt me to move faster in finalizing this first iteration of my website.

Note: $13/yr (this is paying for a .com instead of a site)

As a bootstrapper I opted for the cheapest option and will make it as beautiful as I am able in the next few weeks. The purpose of this site is to write about important issues, ideas, inspirations and also inform anyone interested in following the growth and development of Immensely Alive as a social entrepreneurship startup.

Personally, I decided upon the theme called “Oxygen” due to it’s simplicity and visual potential. Although my site does not look like much currently, that will soon change as I take advantage of the “Showcase Page Template” feature. You can read more about this cool theme: And to top it all off the theme was free!

I would post updates of how things change, but as a visitor and reader of this blog/site you will witness the changes with your own eyes.



What do you think?

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