Prove It

We live in a very judgmental world. See? I just judged the world on being judgmental. To move forward we need to not only SURVEY what is happening, but also PARTICIPATE.
People see the world with a critical eye and think, ‘I could do that better.’

Need some examples?

Videos: Youtube is rife with off-putting, mean-spirited, self-aggrandizing and generally “my videos are better, why are people watching YOU?” type comments.
So if you think you can do better…. why don’t you?

Case in Point
Case in Point: A critic who on further inspection has no videos uploaded. None.

Art: People often visit museums or scrutinize the efforts of people who put themselves out there on social networks or even homeless street artists and think that the quality of that art is beneath them. But in reality, art belongs to all of us and if we want to bring something better we have to invest our time and effort the way that dedicated artists do.
If we want change in artistic expression then don’t just criticize it, make it!

What counts? What doesn't?
What counts? What doesn’t?

Products: We often look at a product on the shelf and scoff, “man, if I designed this it would look amazing/ more people would buy it/ it wouldn’t be as awkward or strange as it looks.” We judge the efforts of hard-working people who try to read the minds of consumers and think that WE can do better because WE are the consumer.
Well, what are you waiting for?

Rapid prototyping made possible by 3D printing products!
Some people go out and just do it. Rapid prototyping has been made possible by 3D printing parts!

Writing: You know what I am going to say. It’s the old Stephanie Meyer argument of how she can’t write and her words are like barf on a page, blah blah blah. I don’t like the messages in her stories of weak female characters and creepy love, but she is successful and her consumers made her so.  I don’t know if it was the writing, the appeal of vampires… or marketing, but she IS successful and those who mock that should sit down and pen something that people will buy in droves.
So if someone wants to say that she doesn’t deserve her fame then maybe they should get a cultist following greater than hers, right?

Look at someone successful if you want to be successful.
Look at someone successful if you want to be successful.

Acting: Acting is everywhere. It’s in Youtube videos, on television, in business interactions, and even in personal interactions. People ACT, that is how they present themselves and that is how they often get people to like them at the beginning. It takes a lot of trust and courage to show a genuine self to the world. That aside, acting is the ability to lie and convince the world and yourself that it is the truth and it’s really hard to do! I’m probably the suckiest liar that I know because even when I try to do it, I fess up a minute later from embarrassment.
I will not claim to be an actress, but I challenge anyone who looks at someone with numerous fans to do it better if they say that they can.

The point of her character was to seem uninteresting and common. I think she did a convincing job.
The point of her character was to seem uninteresting and common. I think she did a convincing job.

Music: Music appreciation is very subjective, but we have mockers of the Bieber or other young musicians and the most insults come from insecure peers. Sometimes the comments are from TALENTED people, but these people are not as popular, are stuck in the back, or unheard. You know why? Because they are too busy spreading the negativity of their personal perception and not busy enough sharing their amazing talents.
Go out and show them. Be an example.

I don't like Bieber's music, but I will admit that it can be catchy and that sometimes mockery can go too far.
I don’t like Bieber’s music, but I will admit that it can be catchy. The mockery can go too far.

It is 2013 and to talk the talk is not enough. It’s time to walk the walk. PROVE IT.

Let me list all of the wonderful tools that allow us to prove ourselves: The Internet, 3D Printers, Self-Publishing, Affordable Equipment (Tech Shops), Crowdfunding & Creativity.

3D print your vision. And Crowdfund it.


This is a MAKERS REVOLUTION. Never before has creation been so accessible to the world and to COMPLAIN about everything that we perceive to be wrong is no longer enough.


Think you can do better? Make something better?
Give it a try.


I believe that there is so much that individuals can offer and technology is taking us further than ever before. I have friends who make robots (@Stanford, @PiE), others who have started or have worked at startups, a friend who I predict will be a successful Youtuber, another that has become a PR professional through self-taught skills and lots of charm, and some amazing peers at UC Berkeley who are self-starters. I’m inspired all the time by all the people around me. The only way to move forward is to not only scrutinize our world, but also SHAPE it.

XOXO Melisa


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