College Essentials: Moving to a New Place

Shopping for a Move to a Dorm or Small Apartment

I. Bedroom

1. Bedding
The essentials are: a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, pillow case, a mattress pad (if the mattress isn’t comfy enough) and an electric blanket if you live in a cold area.
sheetsmattresspad  electricblanket
2. Light: a desk lamp to aid with night time reading.  Make sure that it’s not powerful enough to disturb any roommates. If you live in a dark environment you can opt for getting a light therapy lamp that mimics daylight.
lamp2      lamp1         daylamp
3. Light Stand: most dorms are pre-equipped with furniture but if not, a short night stand is perfect for the desk lamp and book storage. Alternatively, a table or desk would be more useful as a bedside table if a choice must be made for either/or.
bedsidetabledesk   table

II. Bathroom

1. Teeth Care: toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and mouthwash
toothpaste   toothbrush    floss     mouthwash
2. Shower Supplies: shower caddy, shampoo, conditioner, loofah, and soap.
showercaddy1 showercaddy2
3. Extra Hygiene Supplies: deodorant, lotion, perfume/scent, and razors.
deodorant        lotion  spray     razors
4. Flip Flops: a must have for public showers.
III. Kitchen

1. Pot/ Pan + Water Boiler: a water boiler is amazing for dorm rooms to make food or hot drinks. In an apartment, if you need to choose between a pot or a pan, always pick a pot first because you can boil and fry in a pot, but you can’t boil in a pan.
electricboiler       pot        pan
2. Microwave: microwaves are life savers. You can make food, or heat leftovers from your university’s cafeteria. (NOTE: I got a free microwave via Freecycle)
3. Utensils + Containers: you don’t need much, just a fork, a spoon, a knife and a ladle if you decide to prepare soups in your dorm/ apartment. Don’t forget a bowl and a mug.
utensils mug
4. Emergency Food: purchase boxes of dry or canned goods. Really awesome when you’re feeling lazy or are particularly broke.
soup  ramen  friedrice
5. Mini-fridge: if you live in an apartment you probably have a full-sized fridge, but in a dorm room, a mini-fridge will enable you to keep university cafeteria leftovers fresh for a few days or small fresh snacks.
6. Water + Filter: you never know what’s in the water, so buy a water jug and filter your water. Otherwise, just use water fountains.
These are merely suggestions. Every young adult has different needs and budgets, but this list is a good place to start. Good luck!

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