Oh twisted fate that I become the feared serpent head,
I was the one all men adored, worshiped, and admired.
Oh Medu-…! They always cried turning into stone,
A brief reprieve from suffering, ending up alone.
Why must all legends and myths declare that beauty rule the hearts?
Why did their love and longing gaze award me snakes and warts?
Only blind men can endure to see the beauty that’s inside,
Cause those that see are hindered due to what the soul can hide.
Men they come waving swords and brawn asking for defeat,
They aim to beat the physical but the real threat’s within.
All the men that loved me then think I’m someone else,
But I am true, I am myself, the lies are what they felt.
Now any man who comes to me will call on my revenge,
The cruelty that they gave me, for their happiness exchanged.
The only ones deserving are those that learn to gauge the hearts
Rather than look at appearance or speak poisoned darts.
Yearn for love, nothing beautiful, a real reason to live,
Try to forget the past, endure the present, and forgive.

-Melisa Im

I wrote this piece many years ago. I really loved mythology and was inspired after reading the tale of Medusa and how she came to be a snake-headed woman.

Enjoy! XOXO

[Image: “Medusa” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Francesca Frakokot]

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