The Key to Prosperity is Generosity

Have you ever heard good news from a peer and felt envious? I think that is normal. We feel as a reflex, but act mindfully if we train ourselves to pause and reflect. Ultimately, success is how we define it. Wealth is found in the aspects of life that we value: family, money, recognition, pride, love, or satisfaction in the task at hand. We are all driven forward by different motivators and different aims. And ultimately there are a myriad ways to get to success and wealth.

Tree roots intertwine and carry nutrients to all trees in the network.  (img source: Gracie)
Tree roots intertwine and carry nutrients to all trees in the network.
(img source: Gracie)

As a young woman, I have found that life is much more prosperous when boosting others up rather than stepping on their backs or holding them down. This principle can be seen in business networks, friendship bonds, in trees, symbiotic relationships, or investments. In risking time, effort, resources, or a reputation, an individual stands to gain the gain of their peers many times over.

“Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres/ Tell me who you spend time with and I’ll tell you who you are”

We live in a world that feeds on image. That allocates your chances for success and as an asset based on, not only, who you are but also who you associate with. That is exactly why it is prudent, kind and self-advancing to help others even if they are heading farther than you could go yourself. And also a strong motivator in boosting your efforts further still when the reputation of the participants in your network is also at stake. They will keep you as eager and motivated as you aim to keep them.

A #successfulwoman brings others along for the ride. She does not fear their success, but embraces and celebrates it. A successful woman does not see a loss as anything less than an essential lesson. She is welcoming and inspiring. A successful woman loves to love and asks herself how she can help someone today. A successful woman knows that helping a handful today means countless helping hands tomorrow.

So how will you be a successful woman today?

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[Image: “helping myself” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to invicto]

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