Age/ Sex/ Location
Throw in a picture and your vocation
And you are ready to be catfished!
Pretend to be a woman, pretend to be a dog
Pretend to be everything you ever wished.
You don’t have to be lonely,
You don’t have to be sad,
Now you have the means to vent
Or simply get revenge
Because we are all desensitized
To dishing out bowls of pain
With shining Windows that don’t open to souls
You can proudly call us trolls if it leads to fame
Ah, but don’t call us vain for wanting to be seen
Is not a crime at all
Even in anonymity someone will believe in this
Facade, Fraud, Hoax
And if you don’t I can always Dox
But I’m really not a bully
No one’s seen my face,
There is no trail of clues
I cannot traced
So why don’t you open up
And show “yourself”
It doesn’t have to be true
You don’t have to do well.
Come be one of us,

-Melisa Im

[Image: “Caught Surfin Flickr” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Derek Gavey]

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