Never Let Me Go

This poem is a product of midnight angst and lack of ideas. I was laying in bed when my eyes fell upon a book I need to finish reading: Never Let Me Goby Kazuo Ishiguro. The title was utilized merely as a jumping off point, the content of the piece although it may allude to the content of the book, it is not on purpose.

Never let me go if you want me all for you,
For when and if the tension breaks
Of pull and push, of no and yes
There will be no more us, no more wills only thens
No more tugs and weights, a taste of nothingness.
And there are no taking backsies
Not playing, mincing words
You must incinerate your fantasies
And simply let me go.

The one you really wanted
Probably never was
And my prophecy of consolation reads:
“This, too, shall pass.”
But if you never let me go
Then I don’t have to be bitter
I don’t have to be angry or sad
I don’t have to be the next cliche
Of a heartbroken woman who’s gone mad.
I can simply be and continue
I can proceed as I have before
I can keep moving further
Into bliss.

-Melisa Im

[Image: “Hold on” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Rachel Kramer]

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