Future Someone [Poem]

Dear future someone,
I don’t need you to be pretty,
I don’t need you to be smart,
I don’t need you to be wealthy,
I just wish that you be kind.
To try to empathize and understand
That we all walk on different paths
That I don’t feel as you feel
That you don’t see what I see
That to lead you must inspire
Not trip others so they fall behind
That to love you strive to smile
Even when your  world’s unkind.
So if your eyes can’t show you
His, Hers, or mine
Close your mind to your perception
Let your history unwind.
Write over your story and let it, too,
Be your truth.
New pains, new places, new slurrs, new faces
New reasons, new choices, new silence, new voices,
New perspective, new world, feel more, unfurl.
Dear future someone, now,
I don’t wish that you be pretty,
I don’t wish that you be smart,
I don’t wish that you be wealthy,
I just need you to be kind.

Melisa Im

Sometimes we have hopes for our personal or professional relationships. Hopes for our character, as well. Who and what we wish to be and who and what we wish of others. Wishes, in this case, being a euphemism for expectations. We can all wish for a little more kindness. 

[Image: “Day 114, Project 365 – 2.13.10” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to William Brawley]

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