Illustrious Illustrated Dreams


I am reviving this blog for one very important reason: to become a published children’s literature author.

I am an avid believer of putting things out into the universe and watching them come true, this happened when I decided to become a software engineer, again when I decided to speak at my first conference, and I see it in every moment of magic in my life.

So I am declaring it here: I will become a published children’s book author.

What does it take to do so?

  1. Ideation – an idea for a book
  2. Follow-thru & teamwork – nothing great is accomplished alone
  3. Book Dummy – what should it look like
  4. Publish – self publish online or traditional publishing

I am currently on step 2. Initially I was stuck on step 1 for a long time, but every night without fail I would close my eyes and let my mind wander. Allowing myself to feel that childlike wonder and see colors and shapes without rhyme or reason until a detail, place or character caught my attention and led me towards a solid thought.

I’m here to catalogue my journey and throw stuff to the wall until something sticks. I would love to know what your dream is and what you’re doing to accomplish it! Comment below 🙂

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