Halloween 2012 Ninja & Arrietty

The saddest part about Halloween being in the middle of the week is the fact that it might land next to a midterm. As it did this year.

Solution: Hold a costume party after Halloween!

In the spirit of the season I helped my friend complete her Arrietty costume by making her the hair piece that goes on her ponytail, AKA the clip. I also sewed my Ninja top and mask last night which resulted in 5 hours of sleep followed by a costumed game of dodge ball in military fitness.

With less than 2 hours to go before her event after we attended our lectures and review sessions I quickly sketched up some ideas and she approved the one we ended up executing.

We were looking at some pictures of this character:

I only took one mid-step pic due to the rush:
The only materials used were:
-My sewing machine (~$90 from Walmart 1-2 yrs ago)
-Red felt from Daiso (cheap Japanese store down the street, near campus)
-Red thread
-Fiber fill stuffing
-Length of ribbon
(If you would like further descriptions on the process comment below, or I can write a tutorial blog and re-make this)

Here’s the finish product made in <  2hrs. She seemed really pleased at the results, which makes me uber happy.

Side shot:
And you can tell it’s lob-sided but by that point she was late and I had run out of time to fix it. The constructed “pin” is  hand-sewn unto a ribbon which I used to tie around her ponytail. I had no glue gun or hair accessory that is actually a pin. (<– which would probably work better)

I will update later and see what the complete costume looks like 🙂



For my costume I stayed up late sewing my satin into a long top. I had lofty plans of making a barely appropriate leather top, but, again, time constraints are not on my side. I might try again after my midterm on Thursday. Next year I will have the body required to cosplay as a Mortal Kombat ninja! <— by that I mean the body that does not need to be covered up haha

The top is only 3 separate parts, due to the rush I hemmed: arm holes, neck lines and folded in all other sides as I sewed the pieces together.

Accessorized with:
-biker shorts, I actually blackened the white logo on the edge with a black marker haha!
-A face mask (just a rectangular piece of fabric, will be improved later with some elastic)
-2 black fans from Daiso (~$3)
-My roommate lent me a bra so that I could show off and look a bit more…. mature?
-She also lent me a thick belt to finish up my look

Optional: I will wear some edgy, chain-dangling earrings and at the urging of said roommate possibly some very tall heels at our personal costume shindig.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


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