I know nobody as fragile as me,

I know where the scars hide, where the wounds lurk and the pain is found.

I know what the sighs mean, the long blinks, the trembles, the chills

I know what is too hot and what is too cold, I know pretense over ills

I know nobody as fragile as me,

I know what lies prelude tears, I know what masks work just enough.

I know what darkness can consume me and what light can liberate

I know the needs and wants and oughts and what one can’t satiate.

I know nobody as fragile as me,

Who can’t discard the past, instead of disposing of bodies I litter my feelings.

I know what is best yet I evade it, I know what is worst yet I’m curious

I know what makes me blue, or green, I know what makes me furious.

I know Nobody as me,

Do you know Nobody, too?

-Melisa Im

Context: This poem emerged from the belief that we are alone in our plights and discomfort. That nobody else can understand, but also that we define ourselves as “Nobody.” It is narcissistic depression, self-victimization and at the same time, a reach for connection,

“Do you know Nobody, too?”

That  refers to: 1) Do you know me, too?  or 2) Do you feel like a Nobody, too?

I hope you enjoyed this piece 🙂 Cheers.