In the dead of night
The wind urges me to enter
Within the house is still air,
Soon to shrill surrender.
The first step of my operation,
Take a step the floorboards creak,
Happy me this fun sensation!
Resting victims that I seek.
Fools they think they’re safe,
Think their lives are theirs to keep,
Think they know what is to rest,
I will teach them what’s to sleep.
So unprepared I forgot my supplies,
I lack a gun, a rope, or a knife,
How can I prove that I really am sane,
When I can’t cause something as simple as pain?
Sigh, I guess I will borrow a cleaver,
I guess I should put on some gloves,
The parents are upstairs dreaming
Of illegitimate loves.
The child isn’t in bed,
In the dark world alone,
His parents don’t understand him,
He’s a friend, someone I know.
I climb the stairs chanting,
Let’s. Have. Some. Fun.
Don’t. Try. To. Run.
Repeating again my song.
Sneak in their bedroom
It’s barely past two,
I stand there just waiting,
Discerning who’s who.
I decide to act when
It’s well into three,
Will mom say I’m sick,
Will daddy blame me?
Well it doesn’t matter,
I’ll cut out her throat,
And wait til he wakes
In a bloody coat.
I know he won’t scream,
Cause he says he’s a man,
Isn’t that crazy?
And he said I’m insane.
As soon as he opened his eyes,
I quickly cut off his head,
I didn’t mind dripping warmth,
Finally allowed on their bed.

-Melisa Im
In honor of Halloween this week, I am sharing the first dark poem I have ever written. Circa 2009. Later I wrote a prequel poem, “Again.”
[Image: “Bozo Nightmare” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Alyssa L. Miller]

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