Running faster down the dark
Escaping from the dreams,
All the white coats poking needles,
In pursuit with hallow grins.

Cold sweat drips in open eyes,
I wake up to find,
I am trapped once again,
Lonely, left behind.
So called doctors have prescribed
Simple isolation,
In the silence naming dark
The Mighty One Man Nation.
Madness creeping on the edge,
Hearing the commands,
Little voices screaming loud
The ridiculous demands.
Kill them, burn them,
Run away!

The mass of voices
Seemed to say.

Tired, sleepy, welcomed sleep,
Thinking of tomorrow,
Time with sane clarity,
Something that I borrow.
Waking up finally,
Somewhere I don’t know,
Its my mind, the voices are
All a single foe.
The headlines shrill the truth revealed,
The events from that night,
Every person killed,
And no suspect found on site.
The culprit burned it down,
The building left in ashes,
His body never found,
We suspect victim of madness.

I suspect that it was me,
I succumbed to the voices,
I always won before this time,
It’s the first of my losses.
Locked away by parents,
Freedom came at a high price,
The voices are now part of me,
A monster in disguise.

~Melisa Im

Prequel to “Finally.” In honor of Halloween this week! 🙂 Enjoy

[Image: “Children Hospital” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Nico Caramella]

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