Emotional Hoard

Don’t give too much supply,
Demand has nowhere to go but down,
Give more, no one wants a prude
Don’t be so stingy, don’t be rude
Greed: Is only for the money,
Love must be shared but I get to say
Who gets what because you give it all away
You must not know that scarcity
Makes a thing more desirable.
It must be, girl, that I want something limited
Something with beginning and end
Someone who can bend
To the rules, to the curve of allocation
Who knows how to ration
In case someday the world runs out.”

I’m sorry.
I don’t believe in endings,
I only believe in pauses in my life.
My story is never over and my love never runs out.
It’s so easy to miss out on the truth
So simple to make it up
To let assumptions and models run reality
To ignore human frailty
To waste away your loyalty
To worry about the bigger picture
And forget that the smallest pieces
Also make up the whole.
That if you pull a nut out it could all fall apart
So a tiny bit of crazy is also a piece of art.

Hold on to it all
Traveling at the speed of life
With moments wheezing by
With questions hanging in the air
With shreds of memories resting in your hands
With hopes keeping you alive.
So be extremes if that is what you want
Ignore the judging stares
Be what makes you happy
Even if that means looking unhappy.
Don’t sacrifice anything for someone else.
Give what you’re willing to give
Without expectations, no repayment
There is no balance of trade or quota
There is no tariff for this exchange
Life is just a dance of turns
Of leading and following
Of tripping and stumbling
Of sharing a moment before the music quiets down.
And it always starts up again.
So feel it all,
Let yourself bleed,
Be strong on the outside
And a dreamer within.

-Melisa Im

Folks, I present to you Emotion Vomit from May 2014.

[Image: “What these eyes can tell – О чем говорят эти глаза” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Anastassiya Bergem ]


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