Invasion [Explicit Content]

Into my home, uninvited

You invaded every crevice of my life
Even the unawakened corners of my mind
You tarnished every piece of peace
My favorite place in the world
Where dreams came true
Breeds only nightmares.

My bed where I used to sleep,
Where I use to study now
It’s where I cry out and spazz
And brush away a phantom presence.

Fuck yous fall on deaf ears.

Everything I try to eradicate you
Only strengthens my fears that
You’ll never leave me
Or worse: that others will replace you.
I’m ashamed to tell my friends that I cry over you

So fleas, fuck you.

-Melisa Im

Throwback memory to the time my home was infested with fleas. My cat, my poor cat, the only one who fully understood what I was going through.

[Image: “Scary Cat” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Peter Heilmann]


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