Mini-Post: No Excuses! Soldier On! Stay Alert!

Life is a series of fine-tuned calibrations. Because we are a minuscule point in the plot that is reality, even a small degree of error winds us up in the wrong hemisphere. Luckily, as human beings, we enjoy novelty, change, surprises, and growth. So step forth fearlessly, hold up a compass, stare at the stars, look at the moss on the trees, use Google Maps and eventually get where you never planned to be and embrace the strangers who are as foolhardy and blind standing at either side.

Adventure is in us. Deep sea diving is being engulfed in utter darkness not knowing what up is up and what down is down. Those divers have an excuse for terrifying paralysis, what excuse do I have?!

No excuses, soldier on, and stay alert.

To hear what it’s like to be an extreme diver and go down hundreds of feet below the surface of the water listen to this NPR feature: “Where No One Should Go.”

[Image: “Compass Study” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Calsidyrose.]

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