The Egg Blanket is Here!

Dear CreepyCrawlyCuddler!

This is the very first product by #CreepyCrawlyCuddles (Find us on Facebook) 🙂 A sunny-side up egg blanket with a detachable yolk pillow! Creepy twist in the creepy face. Leave me comments below as to what you like or don’t like about it, whether you could love one as your own, or share it with someone you know would love it even more ❤
Here’s a snapshot of the process:

Always measure and plan ahead of time!
Snaps before final sewing!

This was my view as I snuggled into bed last night!
Yolk On…
Yolk Off.
What a creepy, happy yolk
Oh Snaps!
Lounging on a chair
Lounging on the carpet

XOXO Melisa

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