Writing Resolution

I have decided to attempt to write SOMETHING every day. Today is the 2nd day of the year so I have two pieces to publish. Each day I will pick a source material to inspire me.

Inspiration: “Love Poem to No One in Particular” by Mark O’Brien (Heard in the film “The Sessions”)
Key Takeaways: Short poem, shortcomings
Themes: Love, disability, distance, connection


Words are powerful in distances
In gentle whispers that awaken
Skin straining to be felt.

But with my hands I tell my story,
You feel the pains and toils
A careful disregard lines my fingers and my palms.
With my hands I sneak into your
Presence, demanding to be felt.
Unlatch all your defenses
Open all your doors and windows
That you may feel my words
In distances
Gentle winds.

-Melisa Im

[Image: “Hand Stand” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Jon Genius]

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