Inspiration: “The Egg
Key takeaways: 2nd person, short form/flash fiction, dialogue driven
Themes: Empathy, afterlife

-“What are you doing with your life?
-You aren’t trying either, you just spend all your time criticizing others!
-Oh yeah, well maybe if people had their shit together I wouldn’t have to criticize.
-So what makes you think that you need to care so much about what others do or don’t do?
-Goddamit, stop copying me. Stop doing what I do, stop talking like me. It’s annoying.
-You think you know everything about me.
-Actually, frankly I don’t think I know that much. I wish I knew more about you. You’re confusing. I’ve known you for so long but you are still a mystery. I know that I should love you, but I hurt you all the time. I want to be in control of everything that happens to you.
-I know…I want you to have it easy, but if that happens you’re going to turn out shitty. I wish you had broken up with that crazy asshole sooner or that you had never seen that other boy. I wish I couldn’t feel your pain.”

I put my hands up to yours. Stared into your eyes. You looked into mine. Mimicking my motions, gazing deep into my eyes.

When I looked away you vanished. When you looked away I vanished.

-Melisa Im

Image: “Reflection” protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to David Pradas]

Not my best work, but I am barely starting to write stories. In time, they will be ballin’

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