Love Letter to No One in Particular

Inspiration: “Love Poem to No One in Particular” Mark O’Brien (also the inspiration for 1/365) and personal musings on perfection and love
Key takeaways: Although universal perfection is impossible, we are all perfect for someone and someone is perfect for us, we merely have to cease being blinded by the definitions of others.
Themes: Romance, Relationships, Perfection

Dear Love,

I was so disappointed when I met you, because I foolishly believed that you should be Perfect in order for me to cherish you as much as I yearned to. But even more foolish still was to believe that you were not perfect. When I was naive to think that my perfect was the same as your perfect or anyone else’s perfect. The definition of perfect, according to an irrelevant dictionary, is “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.” Perfection is incredibly subjective and thus it is impractical to define perfection for myself by the criteria spouted by others.

So dearest, loveliest apparition, you are perfect because your soul harmonizes with the melody of mine, because your notes are not a match, they do not echo or mimic or fall flat. Perfection for my peers is not superlatives but averages. Someone who is pretty enough, kind enough, smart enough, simply… enough. But none of us are average and to seek it out is to seek out disappointment. Angel, fire, cherished one, you are a superlative in my life the very end of the timeline reaching from here to eternity.

Please take my perfection if it be your desire, if it lights your very core, and let it gently rest next to yours. Help me be completely the purest of my essence and guide me in lighting the wicks to your passion. Let our perfection, bliss, and ecstasy, entwined burn up the world. Til ashes do us part.

Your/You’re perfection,


[Image: “Candles” Protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to Paul Hudson]

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