Do not hesitate in claiming how beautiful you are.
It’s not something that increases with some shots down at the bar.
No words that may describe you force it up or force it down,
No matter what you’re wearing, be it rags or golden crown.
The greatest beauties I have ever seen are all a bit like you,
They think that all they’ve ever had is more than they are due.
Oh dearest mine, please don’t deny the pleasure that you are,
To be without your skin on mine… that’s simply much too far.
Do not despair and think that I am blind,
For I have seen and I have looked and you’re the best that I can find.
No age, no clock, no waves of time can wear away your soul,
No logic, maths or mad man’s words can deny we make a whole.
So stand up tall with confidence and bid adieu all your good-byes,
You must falsely accuse me of dishonesty to read my love as lies.

-Melisa Im

[Image: “199.“protected by a Creative Commons license belonging to rachel a.  k.]

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