The fetishism of violence,
The excitement of fingers without hands,
Of engulfing explosions.
The dichotomy of fascination and disgust,
The blurred line between sickness and lust.
The purchase of trends of popularity.
The emergence of normal over rarity.
We don’t evade it, we crave it,
Like a physical need,
We fill our eyes to satiate it.
We shun the ones who openly claim it.
Behind closed doors we fund it’s continuity, like an annuity, a ticket stub,
A subscription, a violent act, no contradiction.
Death, pain, violence.
Us vs. Them
It only looks bad when
It’s one of ours
The rest we sell and propagate
And then complain
The trickle down effect,
At least this way,
Finally works.

-Melisa Im

[Image: “Blood Splatter 2” all rights belong to KameleonKlik]

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