Failure, Sleeping and Semi-New Poem

I got home from work last night and passed out on my bed. I failed my mission.


However, here is a poem previously unpublished on my blog. I WILL REDEEM MYSELF. A second new piece will be shared later today.


Story after story of overcoming loss
Of accepting that life is hard
That you’ll never be the boss,
It’s okay as long as you have a heart
That knows how to fight on.
It’s okay to feel like a peon
To be one
That is just how life is
The reality we weep on.
People say that life is life
That there’s nothing you can change
But there is plenty to fight for
Systemic structures rearrange
Accept that you might be poor
Not that your children will be for sure
How can we call this acceptance
We’re holding to the last length of rope
This is more deception, a sad attempt
to cope.
We take pride in being survivors,
But are forgetting how to fight,
Accepting circumstances
Putting others out of sight.
We think we won the battle
Just because we got a punch in,
But you’re actually afraid to win,
You must give in,
Someone’s about to cash-in.
And it’s not you.
The weak are supposed to be the few
Strength in numbers
Nulled even if we sue,
Earth vs. a handful’s pollution,
Misinterpreting the constitution,
We live in chaos
And we celebrate merely breathing
But what we’re only seeding, seeing
Is that we are powerless.
But that’s because we must confess
That we are actually our own foes,
We make ourselves desensitized
Resentment and contentment grows,
And it might be too late later
So realize now,
That something can be done.
Something much much more
Than being happy, alive, breathing
A much greater aspiration
I call fighting, you call living.

-Melisa Im

[Image: Sleeping with my old cat]

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