If Everything Was Spiders [Poem; Warning: spiders]


If everything was spiders,
Then I would be a spider
There would be no jobs
Either be food or fighter.


If everything was spiders,
That would be the ground, water…
The trees? Spiders. Bed? Spiders!
Everything. Every piece of matter.


If everything was spiders,
We would have too many babies
And if the girls were all black widows,
Spider dates would end in no’s or maybes.


If everything was spiders,
Us, the spiders, would be everything.
We would be a spider chair,
We would be a spider floor,
We would be the spider air,
We would be the earth’s core,
We would be the spider stars,
We would be the spider ship,
We would hold spiders in spider jars,
On stairs made of spiders we would trip.

So in conclusion,
If everything was spiders,
You wouldn’t check your
Ceiling, bathtub or bed.
You wouldn’t search here,
You wouldn’t search there,
Because everything is spiders,
And we are everywhere.


-Melisa Im

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