Hi there! I’m starting a book club and I would love for you to join.

I have now been in the tech industry for 7 years, in various roles and at various companies. I somehow fell into software development about halfway thru and as it turns out, it’s a fulfilling, intriguing, and challenging career. One that encourages consistent personal development and growth.

The Little Tech Book Club is for those who want to keep learning and growing. Let’s grow together and share what insights we glean from the text, from videos, from tutorials, from projects, from classes or from conversations. Knowledge is all around us and we can be generous in advancing ourselves and each other.

Who is this book club for? Honestly, anyone and everyone. You can be a total newbie to the software craft and not understand everything that we talk about on day 1, but you might ask the best questions and eventually lead discussions. You can be a veteran in the industry, eager to build the next generation of technologists and encourage clean code, robust design patterns, and your own brand of “good code.” Come on in!

Good learning rarely, if ever, happens in a vacuum. It is in the knowing, in the almost knowing, in the I think I know but I probably don’t, it’s in the I thought I knew but now I don’t, or in the I didn’t realize I knew what I knew. In this mix of experiences and opinions and abilities do we find ourselves tested, proven, and tested again.

If you’re interested in joining you can join the LinkedIn group or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #LittleTechBookClub or follow along with the recaps in this blog. I will be posting our reading schedule and discussion threads in the group and occasionally bringing topics to Twitter.


What do you think?

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