Little Tech Book Club: Apprenticeship Patterns Schedule

Apprenticeship Patterns by Dave H. Hoover & Adewale Oshineye
Available for purchase at O’Reilly or wherever you get your books


Week 1 — 9/22-9/28: (pp. 1-34 | Introduction and Emptying the Cup)
Week 2 — 9/29-10/5: (pp. 37-71 | Walking the Long Road and Accurate Self-Assessment)
Week 3 — 10/6-10/12: (pp. 73-111 | Perpetual Learning and Construct Your Curriculum)
Week 4 — 10/13-10/19: (pp. 113-137 | Conclusion + index of resources)

Following the schedule:

  1. Read at your own pace Wednesday-Sunday
    1. As you read:
      1. Write questions
      2. Think about how it applies to your experience
      3. Highlight quotes you like/dislike
  2. Discussion post/questions thread up on Monday or Tuesday (in LinkedIn LTBC group)
  3. Next week begins on Wednesday (Rinse and Repeat)


  • What if I can’t read this week? Can I still participate?
  • YES! We will do short recaps each week on what the chapters are about. You don’t have to know every line or word to share your thoughts.
  • Is it okay to read the book online (if I find a free copy)?
  • Most of the books we will read are available for free online (in some form or another). I encourage purchasing the book (if you are able) in order to support the writers/publishers in creating content that is valuable to our community.
  • I’d like to discuss the book in a call…
  • Certainly! Either myself or someone else can schedule a discussion session. It might be most beneficial after we finish the book and before we select and read the next. This discussion can be open to the whole community so we can share our learnings with others who may not have had the chance to participate. This is a great opportunity to practice presenting and developing a slidedeck, we could format it as a talk.

What do you think?

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